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Triangle Community Center works with a number of partner agencies that provide meaningful services for the LGBTQ community. From health services to spiritual guidance, and from youth services to care for older adults, we are proud to work with our community partners and national agencies to provide the best quality of life for LGBTQ people in our region.

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Discover how shared living could be the answer to your financial, emotional, and logistical needs in our current housing market. This presentation discusses having roommates through a modern and LGBTQ+ informed lens. Part one explores the history of LGBTQ+ shared living, benefits of shared housing, how to find a roommate, and key roommate screening questions. Part two dives into finding that perfect unit, the application process, and negotiating a lease, as well as leaving one. In part three we discuss the methods of making a joint living situation work long term, including managing responsibilities, bonding through shared activities, monitoring finances and expense tracking, creating house rules, and conflict resolution, among other things.