Case Management & Referrals

Case Management and Referrals

What Is Case Management?

A: Case management is when you have someone who assists you with accessing services. A case manager can help you get health insurance, refer you to a mental health provider, help you to find housing, seek employment, etc. Enrolling in case management is a way to get help!

TCC's Case Management program connects self-identified LGBTQ clients living in Fairfield County to programs and services that address their needs while fostering empowering relationships and seeking safe and independent outcomes. The program is consciously aware of and diligently meets the growing needs of the LGBTQ and allied community.

Case Management services recognize LGBTQ health disparities and prioritizes addressing their needs, including but not limited to:

• Mental and Physical Health • Addiction • Housing • Employment • Education • Documents • Socialization • Family Planning

Clients meeting one on one with a
TCC Case Manager can expect:

1. Interview  2. Assessment  3. Support  4. Referral  5. Follow-up (ongoing)

To access case management resources and referrals, please contact Wendy McCaffery, Case Management Supervisor.