Gala FAQ


1When and Where is Queer Prom being held?
Triangle Community Center’s Visionary Gala: Queer Prom is being held from 6pm to 12am on Friday, October 14th at The Loading Dock, 375 Fairfield Avenue, Stamford, CT
2Who can go to Prom?
While we are inclusive of all those who want to have a chance to reimagine Prom, we are serving alcohol, so this event is 21 and over only.
3How can I get tickets?
You can purchase tickets here.
4What should I wear?
It’s PROM! Wear whatever you feel amazing in. Dresses, suits, a combination of both or something completely different…this is a Gala so get as fancy as you like.
5What is your COVID protocol for Queer Prom?
We urge all Prom attendees to get vaccinated or boosted and to test no later than 24 hours before coming to Prom. At this time, we are not requiring masks, but we of course urge you to wear one if you are not vaccinated, or simply if you would feel more comfortable wearing one.
6How Do I Get There?
From 95N: take Exit 6 and continue on to Baxter Avenue. Take a right onto West Avenue, then in .4 of a mile, make a left onto Selleck Street. In another .4 of a mile, turn right onto Fairfield Avenue, and then a right onto Melrose and look for the sign for The Loading Dock. From 95S: take Exit 6 and merge onto Grenhart Road, use the left two lanes to turn left onto West Avenue, then turn left in .4 onto Selleck Street, then turn right onto Fairfield Avenue, turn right onto Melrose, and look for the sign for The Loading Dock. From MetroNorth: take the train to the Stamford station. It is about a 5 minute taxi or Uber ride to The Loading Dock.
7I am unable to attend but I love the work TCCenter does. How can I support you?
We are so glad you asked! You can donate either by texting"tccpride" to phone number 56651 or if you would like to make a major gift, you can contact Karen at to arrange to participate in our live appeal.
8What is the Golden Paddle:
The Golden Paddle is like Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket~but instead of chocolate, the holder of the Golden Paddle gets up to a $5,000 credit for an item in the live or silent auction! We offer chances to win the Golden Paddle in advance of Queer Prom through the event ticket link as well as during the Prom cocktail hour (look for members of the Imperial Sovereign Court of All Connecticut who will be selling those chances). Each chance is $100 and we only sell 100 chances so your odds of winning are way better than winning the lottery, and for a great cause!
9Can I bid on silent auction items without attending?
You sure can! To take part in our silent auction, you’ll need to register with ClickBid, our auction platform. You can do that here. In order to register to bid, you’ll need to enter your credit card information. You won’t be charged unless you are the winning bidder of an item. The auction opens on October 7th, a week before Prom, so you can preview all the great stuff we are offering! Bidding will open October 12th and the auction will close at 11:30pm on October 14th.